Canada Cities List

Quality assured list of cities in Canada

The Canada Cities List is a complete record of all 25,000 unique villages, towns and cities across Canada. Trusted by major companies and small businesses alike, it is perfect for website development, data validation and marketing.

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Professional-standard data

Updated quarterly using the latest official Government of Canada data, you can be confident that the list is a accurate reflection of current town and city names. The file comes complete with extra information to help you pinpoint locations, including province/territory name, map reference, latitude and longitude.

CSV, Excel, MySQL & more

The data is provided in a standard CSV format, making it compatible with spreadsheet software like Excel, Numbers and LibreOffice, and powerful databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Give it a try with our free sample download.

Unrestricted licence

The Canada Cities List comes with an open and flexible licence, allowing you to use the data for personal or commercial purposes, and without any time limits or restrictions on the numbers of users or workstations.

Online delivery and support

There's no waiting around for delivery – simply securely buy online, and a download link for the full file will be emailed straight to you. If you have any questions or problems getting started with the data, we'll be happy to offer help and support at no extra cost.

Sample data

The table below shows a sample from the data, sorted alphabetically on city name. For more information about the file format and fields, please see the technical information.

NameRegionMap referenceLatitudeLongitudeType
Aalders LandingNova Scotia021A1544.82856-64.90723Unincorporated area
AasiwaskwasichQuebec033N0255.10444-76.87889Unincorporated area
AbanaQuebec032D1448.95148-79.33677Unincorporated area
AbbeydaleAlberta082P0451.05000-114.93333Unincorporated area
AbbotsfordBritish Columbia092G0149.05000-122.28330City
Abbott's CornerQuebec031H0245.03726-72.79206Unincorporated area
AbbottsfieldAlberta083H1153.56667-113.38333Unincorporated area
AbeeAlberta083I0354.23778-113.02778Unincorporated area
AbénakisQuebec021L1046.58364-70.82008Unincorporated area
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